BoreSaver Ultra C Delivered to Ability Pump & Equipment

October 18, 2019News, Ultra C
BoreSaver Ultra C is used all over the world to treat Iron Bacteria Biofouling (IRB). Laval Underground Surveys is proud to partner with strong, knowledgeable distributorships across North America to help get BoreSaver Ultra C into the hands of groundwater professionals. Above is an order of 3 pallets of BoreSaver Ultra C for Ability Pump [...]

BoreSaver Ultra C Removes Iron Bio-Fouling and Improves Lives in Rural Malawi

October 11, 2019News, Ultra C

Laval Underground Surveys is proud that our borehole camera and well rehabilitation products are being used to improve the water infrastructure and quality of life for the citizens of rural Malawi. The Climate Justice Fund has partnered with Geoquip, the exclusive European Distributor for Laval Underground Surveys, to assist the Government of Malawi in assessing … Read More