Water is one of the most vital and precious resources on earth. It has the power to take dusty, arid, inhospitable land and turn it into some of the most productive agricultural land in the entire world. Nowhere are we more acutely aware of waters impact and economic value than in the “breadbasket of the world”, California’s Central Valley. Over the last six years, California has been in the midst of a devastating drought that has caused fields to run fallow and slowed our local economic engine to a crawl.

To address the needs of increased consumption, many older or previously abandoned water wells are being rehabilitated in an attempt to increase their output and efficiency.  Unfortunately, many of these wells have become dramatically less productive and efficient as they have aged.  With time, the well formations and well screens begin to plug, resulting in less water flowing into the well.

Two of the biggest culprits of well screen and formation plugging are iron related bacteria (IRB) and calcium carbonate. Both of these substances are known to block well formations and screens, clog the impellers of pumps, and cause dramatic decreases in well efficiency and water quality.  This need for a series of products designed to specifically treat iron bacteria and calcium carbonate has lead us to introduce two unique, environmentally friendly solutions: BoreSaver Ultra C and BoreSaver IKL.


All BoreSaver products are formulated and manufactured in Fresno, California.


BoreSaver Ultra C and IKL Pro are NSF approved for potable water.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are not attending any in-person tradeshows for the foreseeable future. If you would like to learn more about the BoreSaver product or schedule a product training session for your sales team, please contact us at info@lavalunderground.com.


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